The Nordman Insulated Panel is a through fixed roof panel with a traditional appearance suitable for industrial, commercial, retail and leisure projects with a roof pitch of 8 degrees or more.

Our Nordman Insulated Tile-Panel fixes directly to purlins which eliminate the need for battens, roof felt and the need to fix individual tiles. Its single fix installation gives 50% faster construction times than built up alternatives and requires no wet trades.

Due to the nature of the fixing, this product is more suited to large commercial projects, gymnasiums, warehouse roofing etc & is also more cost effective when placing larger orders. It is advised that with small orders are avoided as delivery costs on small projects would not make this cost effective. Our Nordman Tile-Sheet with additional insulation at roof level is advised for these smaller projects.

Nordman Composite Tile-Panel Roofing Nordman Composite Tile-Panel Roofing

- Highly insulated
- Lightweight
- Has a complete vapour barrier
- Quick & easy to install
- Suitable for any pitch, from vertical down to 8 degrees
- Available in anthracite (teal grey) & terracotta
- Fully recyclable, reusable & environmentally friendly

We have compiled a number of frequently asked questions & answers that you may have with regard to our tile-panel roofing. Please click on the following link to view our Tile-Panel Frequently Asked Questions.

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