Heat Profile: Skirting Heating System

Product Feature - Heat Profile: Skirting Heating System:

Nordman Profile Ltd are delighted to introduce Heat Profile to the Irish market. Heat Profile have been designing and manufacturing energy efficient, unobtrusive architectural heating systems since 1986. Just like the sun, Heat Profile Systems transfer radiant heat without the use of air currents or fans. Heat Profile emit gentle ‘radiant’ heat for an improved & healthier lifestyle. Heat Profile does not heat the air around you; it simply heats you!

The heat emitters, made from aluminium, are designed to resemble and replace architectural features such as skirting, coving, sills etc. Our products are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Heat Profile works in conjunction with your current heating system. With some minor adjustments to plumbing during installation you can enjoy the benefits of ‘radiant heat’ in your home.

For more information on Heat Profile: Skirting Heating Systems, please visit the website.

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Framing Feature: Stable Design at Bellewstown Races

This July 3rd, Nordman Profile Ltd presentended an innovative new stable design prototype at the Bellewstown Races. This stable display, designed & manufactured at our factory using the Nordframe Steel Framing System, was featured throughout the race weekend receving a wonderful response.

For more information on the Nordframe Steel Framing, please visit our Framing Section.


‘Flat to Pitch’ Roofing Solutions:

Nordman Profile Ltd roofing products are ideally suitable for flat to pitched conversions & low pitched roofing from new build to refurbishment. With our Nordman Tile-Sheet pitching as low as 4 degrees, it is an excellent choice of roof covering where low pitch, high quality solutions are hard to find. Similarly the Nordman Tile-Sheet can be erected to vertical at 90 degrees with ease.

If you would like to discuss your roofing solution, please call our sales team on 353 (0)65 9052011 or email: nordman@nordman.ie


Environmentally Friendly Products:

All our products are environmentally friendly due to the use of steel. Their lightweight quality lends to shorter building time and easier transporting, therefore reducing fuel and labour costs while supplying you with a high end engineered product that is fully recyclable. By incorporating steel products in your building construction you can find comfort in knowing that you are contributing to help protect the environment without compromising on quality. Steel is 100% recyclable and approximately 66% of all steel in use today has been recycled.

If you require any further assistance, please call our sales team on 353 (0)65 9052011 or email: nordman@nordman.ie