Our Nordframe system and offsite manufacturing methodology offers many benefits over traditional forms of construction, not least the fact that steel is recyclable – most steel manufactured today contains 66% recycled content. Steel recycling saves energy equivalent to electrically powering one fifth of Irish Households each year.

Our Nordframe Construction Steel Framing is precision engineered using the latest in software technology to provide excellent accuracy & incorporating a full design checking service. This process is fully flexible, allowing construction details to be amended at any stage prior to manufacturing.

When used in conjunction with other products and components the Nordframe can easily achieve high levels of structural, fire and acoustic performances.

Combining the benefits of modern cold-rolled steel framing with innovative design & precision engineered, Nordframe is the most steel-efficient framing system on the market. Our Nordframe rolling machines convert light gauge galvanized steel into cold-rolled steel frame components. Available in single sections or pre-assembled frames, the Nordframe can easily be manufactured to suit our customers individual needs.

 Nordframe Construction Steel Framing Nordframe Construction Steel Framing

- Shorter build time
- Low-weight construction
- Reduced labour costs
- Superior quality
- ‘Just on time’ delivery
- Durability & strength
- Rapid dry envelope
- Fully recyclable, reusable & environmentally friendly

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Nordman Lattice Steel Joists:

For those looking for lightweight, durable & easily assembled floor joists, our Nordman Lattice Steel Joists may be of interest to you. For more information on our Nordframe Joists, please visit the following link.

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